Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Remkes Sea Cuisine Update - 2 Coupons Work!!!

The other day I told you about what I thought could possibly be a pretty good deal on Sea Cuisine products at Remkes.  I stopped by there during my lunch hour and I'm thrilled to say it definitely works. 

Remkes has the Sea Cuisine "Crusted" products on sale for Buy 1 at $6.99 get one FREE!  Well, if you skamper on over to the Sea Cuisine website, you can print (2) $1/1 coupons and you can use them both in this deal.

And here's the receipt to prove it!

O.K. Squint really hard.

The reason this deal works is simply the Remkes registers.  They do not have this deal in their system to ring up one item at $6.99 and the other one free.  Both items ring up at $6.99 - $3.49 which allows you to use the  $1/1 off of both items.  As you can see, I also took my Remkes bag in with me for an additional $.06 savings so here's the math.

Total Before Sale = $13.98
Total w/Sale = $6.99
Total w/Sale & Coupons & Remkes Bag = $4.94

That's a savings of $9.04 off original price which is a 65% savings.  And, that's your goal.....50% savings or better.

Soon I will show how you start breaking the price down into serving sizes to computer your per meal costs.  For instance, in this situation, there are 2 servings in each package so you take the $4.94 divide by 4 = $1.23 per serving.   Now say you paired this with a bag of the 16 ounce Flavorite frozen corn for $1 (on sale for 10/$10) and a bag of the Caesar Salad Kit for $2.50 (on sale 2/$5.00).  For my husband and myself, we would get four servings of the corn and four servings of the salad kit so the total breaks down like this:

Sea Cuisine = $1.23
Flavorite Corn = $.25
Caesar Salad = $.62

Now try to go buy that same plate of food at any fast food restaurant and see how much it costs you.  Starting to get the picture?

Keep coming back and pretty soon I'll have you shopping this same way and your grocery bills and meal costs will start falling.



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