Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Words for Wednesday

Received an interesting e-mail today that made me want to comment about it here.  The very very nice person asked me why I don't put up coupon matchups like "all the other sites do".  Well, girlfriends and guy friends, because I do things a little different than most.

If you have been following this blog this week at all, you will see that I have only technically been to the grocery store once since the 1st of the year and that was today.  You will find, after you have been following this blog for a while, that your shopping habits will change.  You will not need to rush to the store every week to purchase a cart full of products because you will have a stockpile set up and you will be able to pick and choose what you buy when you buy and how often you go to the store.

Now don't misunderstand, I have a few items on my shopping needs right now...milk, bread, eggs, coffee, cereal.  So far, I think that is it.  There are a couple of things I will probably purchase this weekend that I feel are stock up items for me.  But I don't shop as often and in the volumes that I used to which means my food bills have gone down.  And, yes I track it.  Call me spreadsheet susie!  No Susie is not my name but I do use spreadsheets alot to track things so there you go.

I used to posts the coupon matchups each week and I gotta tell ya it took me hours upon hours to do.  I had created a spreadsheet of the coupons that came out each week and then I did the matchups for the grocery stores in my area which are Remkes, Meijers and Krogers.  Then I did the same thing for CVS and Walgreens.  Then the same for K-Mart, WalMart and Krogers, etc.  As you can imagine, it took forever.  Well, then I got to thinking, why am I doing all the work for ya.  What I should be doing instead is teaching you how to do it and pretty soon you will be able to do it the same way that I do.  So, that's the reason that I don't put up the matchups anymore.  What you will see me do is post great deals when I run across them and show you how to take from  Peter to pay Paul and not have the money coming out of your pocket.  And I will show you how to use one site with another to reap the rewards from both at the same time and not be burning the candle at both ends.

So, if you are looking for a blog site that does things a little bit differently then please, by all means, stick around, if you are looking only for coupon matchups then unfortuantely you may have come to the wrong website but I want to thank you for stopping by.  Maybe, just maybe you will have found something that interests you.

Hugs to all and thanks for the e-mail. Keep em comin!  I love reading your thoughts and comments, yes and even your complaints. 


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