Sunday, August 14, 2011

Reward TV

I just recently heard about Reward TV.  The basic of this site is pretty simple.  You answer questions on shows that you watched on t.v. the previous day.  You get points for every correct answer.  Last night the husband and I watched the Harry Potter movie Order Of The Phoenix and that was listed so I chose that movie and set to answering questions.  Answered all of the questions about the movie correct and earned 2,300 points.  However, I could have earned much more if I had paid more attention to the commercials.  They ask alot of questions about the commercials. 

There are several things you can do.  Each day that you play you get an entry into their $10,000 sweepstakes.  The draw date is 11/10/2011.  If you play twice a day you get an entry into the $1,000 Second Game Sweepstakes.   Neither one of these am I interested in but you might be.

Then there is the Pay For My Stuff Sweepstakes in which you can use points to enter into a wide variety of sweepstakes that will pay your bills.  For example, there is a Pay For My Gasoline sweepstakes that cost 500 points per entry for a chance at a $50 towards gas.  You can use your points to enter sweepstakes to pay for you cable television bill, purchase shoes, do home improvements, etc.  Each entry costs points.  Another one that is not worth my time.

Next you have the Auction section.  This is an interesting little feature that requires you to have lots of points if you want to win anything.  There are six pages of items that are up for auction.  Some of the auction items are magazine subscriptions, Ronco Food Dehydrator, 12 Bottle Silent Wine Refrigerator, Gift cards, etc.  There are actually some pretty interesting items up for auction.  From what I can see, all items appear to go off auction at the end of the month which would mean there would be a whole new list of items up for auction the beginning of next month.  Here's an interesting point to note, all of the items I see right now have at a minimum of 1,000,000+ points bid on them.  Bidding is very similar to E-bay.  You put in the maximum number of points you are willing to bid.  The system will automatically increase your bid up to your maximum number.   Bidding is done in 1,000 point increments.  Two thoughts on this.  #1) If you watch t.v. alot and play the Trivia game after each show that you watch, then you can earn points pretty quickly.  However, I don't know that bidding over 7,000,000 points for a $25 McDonalds Gift Card is worth the time or energy.  Your call.

Shopping Spree.  This one I like.  Twice a week you can submit for a variety of gifts cards.  For example, the next shopping spree is on 08/17/2011 (Wednesday).  There will be 3 different gift cards up for purchase with your points.  There is a $10 Best Buy Gift Card for 300,000 points; a $5 Dunkin Donuts Gift Card for 150,000 points; and a $25 JC Penny Gift Card for 750,000 points.  There are a set number of cards for each item.  Since there are a set number of cards for each item, they will go very quickly so you need to be on line when the timing for the shopping spree starts.  They have a running count down going on that page.  When the time starts you click redeem on the prize that you want and follow the instructions.  The quicker you are at getting through the information, the better chance you have at getting the gift card.  Remember you need to be on line I would say 5 minutes before the shopping spree starts to take advantage of this one.  This one I do like because you have much better odds of getting a gift card.

The final option is Savings Safari.  To participate in the Savings Safari is by invitation.  So the more you play the game, the better your odds are of getting invited.  Now Savings Safari is different than the regular reward TV in that you earn coins.  Once you reach a certain number of coins (pretty high) then you can get coupons or discounts, etc. from different vendors.  Not a fan of this one either.  

Another way to earn points is to take surveys.  There are 5 or 6 listed right now ranging in points from 2,500 to 7,000 points.  For example I just took a survey that had I think 8 questions (very basic questions) and I earned 5,000 points in about 20 seconds. 

So that's the information about Reward TV.  I think it is a pretty decent way to earn Gift Cards for something you probably do every evening which is watch T.V.  There are all kinds of shows listed from all different channels, both prime time t.v. and cable channels to sports, etc.  This is something you could do with your kids that would be kind of fun and earn points at the same time.  Then you save up your points and use them to get gift cards.  Remember the gift cards go very very fast so be sure and pay attention each week to the gift cards that are coming up for redemption.  You only get to see the cards for the current weeks shopping spree so if you don't see anything you like just keep building your points. Between the surveys and trivia questions, you can actually build points pretty fast.

Remember it is very important to pay attention to the commercials.  They ask a lot of questions about the commercials.  If you answered a question correctly about a commercial, you could get three more questions pertaining to the commercials product.  That is another 200 to 300 points you could earn.  If you get the initial commercial question incorrect, then you go to another question about the show you watched. 

Have fun.

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