Sunday, August 14, 2011

Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs

Last week I told you about Sav-A-Lot having Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs on sale for $.99 and that I was going to stock up on them.  I checked my freezer and found I already had three packs left so I went out and purchased an additional 10 packs.  Yes 3 + 10 = 13 so now I have plenty for the winter months.

I noticed that in Krogers weekly ad that I received yesterday that they have them on their "Buy 10 products Get $5 off instantly" sale.  However, here's the kicker, Krogers has them for $2.49 so if I waited and bought 10 this week, I would be paying $1.99 per package at Krogers.  I paid $9.90 for them last week at Sav-A-Lot.  I would have paid $19.90 if I waited and purchased them "on sale" this next week at Krogers.

The point I am making....check out the little guys.  Don't assume that you are going to get a better deal at the big chain stores.  Yes they are big and beautiful and everyone knows their name but the little guys sell a lot of the same items at better prices.  Before you scream at me but the little guys don't use coupons remember this.  The only coupon I have seen out and about for the Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs is either $.50/2 (which doubles to $1/2 in my neck of the woods) or $1/2 coupons in some parts of the continental U.S.  Either way, I was still paying less at $.99/pack at Sav-A-Lot than I would be at Krogers or other major chain with the coupon.

Think things through and do the math.  It's all about making your pennies stretch as far as possible.  Obviously $9.90 is a much better deal that $19.90.  $10.00 saved that can be used somwhere else.

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