Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Walgreens & CVS Matchups

As you can obviously see, the Walgreens and CVS matchups are not up yet. I have no excuse other than I ran out of time. It's now 11:45 p.m. and I'm not through with the Walgreens ad yet. To be honest, I fixed dinner, did the dishes, cleaned out my desk drawers, did some laundry, vaccumed the living room and caught up my coupon binder. Then I JUST HAD to watch the finale of Dancing With The Stars (way to go Donny) and then I started on the matchups. Whew......I guess my crops will have withered in Farmville.

Anyway, I promise to get them up tomorrow. After I run to the Armory, by Meijers, T-Mobile, Krogers and Walgreens; finish the laundry and take two military resource tests. I'm sooooo glad I am able to relax during my vacation.

Seriously, I will have the matchups up for the upcoming sales at CVS and Walgreens tomorrow. Thanks for your patience.

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