Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Stockpile Pictures

Received a very nice e-mail from a lady today in North Dakota. She was curious if I could describe my stockpile to her. I decided to show her instead. Now I am not the best photographer in the world, but you can pretty much get the picture of what I am talking about from these pictures.

These pictures are in no particular order, just sort of uploaded here. You can see that I have tried to group certain things together so that they will be easier to locate when I am looking for them, and it makes it much easier to do an inventory.

Make your stockpile however big or small you want it to be. I happen to have an old coal room in my basement and my husband made shelves for me in there and it works perfect. It's cooler than the rest of the basement so I don't worry about it possibly getting too hot or things spoiling, etc. The point is, do what works for you. Not everyone has an extra room, but maybe they have a few shelves in a closet or space in the garage where they can put shelves. The invest you make in shelving will more than pay for itself with the money you will save at the grocery store in the long run.

So there's may take on stockpiling. And, now you know, I really do this. Just in case you had your doubts :)

I'll be working on the CVS and Walgreens matchups for this coming Sunday's sales. Will have them up this evening.

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