Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Spotlight on Daily Signs of Hope

One of the things I am grateful for this year is all of the wonderful people I have met out there in blogland. You all know I love meeting fellowing bloggers who are into couponing or bloggers who love to cook and teach the rest of us poor souls (yes I meant me), how to cook and not burn down the kitchen which makes my hubby and my insurance agent grateful 24/7.

Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful and think about all that we are grateful for. I don't mean the materials things but the things that matter. I'm am thankful I can get up every day and get a cup of coffee and step out onto the deck of my house and listen to the birds singing in the trees. Yes the little things in life make me the happiest.

Now I have another thing to add to my list to be thankful for. I met a wonderful blogger this week named Douglas A. Bolton. Douglas and his co-blogger Michael Clark run a blog called Daily Signs of Hope. It's a site devoted to helping people avoid self doubt, hopelessness, etc.

Douglas is brutally honest with sharing the highs and lows of his life and how he pulled himself up out of the trenches so to speak with help from our Father above. He talks about his medical issues (he's had just about all of them) and how it left him feeling helpless and his journey towards suicidal thoughts. Thankfully he got off that path.

Michael shares stories that could leave you feeling sorry for the poor boy, but pity is definitely not what he is after. He shares stories of overcoming addition, losing everything he loved the most and how by losing everything, he found the one who could change it all. Now, Michael is a Chaplain, Disaster Relief Chaplain and speaks in prisions.

Now you may be thinking Good Grief, what in the world would I need to check out this site for......? Hope my friend. Look at the world around you. Better yet, look at the world our children and grandchildren face today. It's a little unsettling isn't it. I see people everyday who feel like there is no hope for them. No way out. Life will never change. The truth is their life will not change without some help and guidance and a lot of love from God above.

Douglas and Michael now devote themselves to showing people how to turn their lives around. They touch on addictions, suicidal thoughts and everything in between.

You're walking on cloud nine and don't have a care in the world? All of your bills are have enough food to feed a small're in perfect're kids are the envy of every parent on the planet? Perfect......take a step to the left, but before you do, think about the person in your life (your famly member, friend, neighbor down the street) who isn't carefree. The person that is struggling within and thinking there is nowhere to go and that no-one understands. I implore you to share this site with them. Whether you know it or not, it will be your gift to them.

Maybe you are struggling inside, but no-one around you would ever know. You feel you can't talk to anyone because then people would look at you differently or wouldn't want to associate with you anymore and that great reputation you have would be shattered. Yes I know how it goes. Let one person say something negative about you and stand back and watch the ripple effect. You can't risk your reputation right? But what is really more important.....finally being happy and at peace with yourself or satisfying that person in the office who doesn't really even matter in the long run.

You know that I won't put up anything on this site that isn't legit or that I feel is not worth my time to write about. Daily Signs of Hope should be on everyone's favorites list. No matter where our life leads us, there will always be challenges and hurdles to overcome. Douglas and Michael show you how to overcome those challenges at Daily Signs of Hope. Trust me, between these two gentlemen, there is no challenge they haven't faced.

Do me a favor and take a couple of minutes and check out their site. It will be well worth the time spent.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and I hope that it makes a difference in you life. I wish all of you a blessed and safe holiday season.

God bless,

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