Monday, November 23, 2009

Spotlight on North Dakota Kitchens

I have been networking with some wonderful people lately and I couldn't wait to introduce you to a wonderful Christian woman from North Dakota. Her name is Shannon Olson and she is a an incredibly sweet woman who will have you laughing with her stories on A Southern Bell with Northern Roots; she'll have your mouth watering with her delicious recipes on North Dakota Kitchen and she'll keep you grounded and remind you what it means to be a Christian and follower of God at her blog A Christian Living by Grace Alone.

Since I couldn't convince Shannon to come here to Kentucky and cook for the hubby and me, she said I could post some of her recipes here. Shannon is a home cooker and well, frankly she just fits right in with the Back To The Basics. We all know that cooking from scratch is better for you, taste better and costs much less than buying from the stores. Well, we also know how I didn't take Home-Economics in school. Kurt if you are reading this, close your mouth or you will catch flies. Anyway, Shannon is going to be cooking up some great dishes that I will post up here for your reading pleasure. I expect all of you to try a dish (she has so many and has them categorized - woo hoo) and give her your feedback. If you like what she is cooking, follow her site. And yes she will be listed under North Dakota in the Bloggers Links section, all three blogs to boot.

Shannon, thanks for the pleasure of adding you to my site. You are the only blogger I know that can teach me to cook a dish without burning down my kitchen, make me laugh till I cry with the story on girlfriends and make me realize what it's really all about being a Christian. God bless and am honored to have met you.

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