Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ideal Bite

I subscribed to this e-mail newsletter about a year ago. Yes, I am a eco-holic if you will. I try to recycle everything I possibly can, reuse anything and everything, find creative ways to use products that I never thought about and just in general do my part in saving the planet.
The Ideal Bite has great tips on everything you can imagine. Recycling, cutting down on waste, comparisons on buying locally grown food versus buying from your local grocer, etc. Now they have up their decorating for the holidays on a budget ideas and some are really cute. I really hope you will check them out. Trust me, I will never use a SOS pad again and they get the credit for that.
Click on the picture (widget) on the left side of my page to visit their site. If you want to do your part, their are a great site to get ideas from.

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