Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coupon Preview

The Coupon Clippers have the listing up for this weekend. They are showing 2 Smart Source and 1 Valissis (Red Plum). There are great coupons coming out this weekend. Lots of Pillsbury, Loreal, Betty Crocker and Green Giant coupons. The much awaited Dominos Sugar coupon and the Glad Trash Bag coupons. Thank goodness. I am down to two boxes of trash bags. I bought them at this time last year and haven't bought any since. You can bet I will be purchasing coupons on E-Bay this weekend.

Check out Coupon Clippers on the left side of my page. And keep your eyes on Rumor has it they will be putting up even more great coupons in the next week. Remember you can print the coupons twice. Stock up on your coupons now and look for great deals in the coming weeks at your local drug stores and grocers.

CVS has Glade on sale this weekend so get your coupons ready for some pretty good deals.

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