Monday, January 28, 2013

Valentine Ideas - Jean Pocket Photo Frame

Here's an idea of something you can make for your teenager.  A Jean Pocket Photo Frame.  Rule of thumb is that kids outgrown their clothes before their clothes wear out.  Every household that has kids in it, has jeans that have been outgrown.  This is a great way to put those jeans to some good use if they are a bit too raggedy to donate somewhere.

A fun denim blue jean picture frame that your teen can use to hang pictures of friends in their room. Hang just one or make it part of a collage on your teen's bedroom wall.  You can also jeans from various age groups so you have different size frames.

You'll need:
  • A back pocket of an old pair of jeans
  • 6 to 8 inches of gross grain ribbon.  Think of the color scheme of the room they will go in.
  • Needle and thread
  • Scissors
Cut out a shape in the top part of the pocket.  This is the part that would be on the outside of your hand if you were to stick your hand in the pocket.  Now cut a square or oval or circle or whatever you would like. 

Now take your picture you want to use and trim it to fit the hole in the pocket.  Be sure and leave enough of the picture on the bottom so that it fits down into the pocket snug.  Don't trim the bottom off because you don't want to have your picture sliding down into the pocket because you cut it too short.

Your ribbon becomes your picture hanger.  Simple take one end of the ribbon and sew it to the back of one side and the other end gets sewn to the back of the other side.  If you are doing more than one you can make the ribbons different lengths so that some picture pockets are longer and some are shorter.   

Once you have this done you can decorate the front side of the pocket if you want with some hot glue and beads or fabric paint or just leave it the way it is. 

I'm certain you have everything you need to make a Jean Pocket Photo Frame already in your house so you won't have to purchase a thing!  It's a great idea for teenagers, little ones and even moms (hint for the kids!!!).

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