Thursday, January 5, 2012

Surveys = Amazon Gift Cards = Free Dehydrator

Now I know that you are probably getting tired of me telling you that you can get stuff free by doing surveys or Swagging or e-mail click thrus or whatever, but the fact is it's true.

I had been wanting to get a Dehydrator for a long time.  Now I'm by no means a health nut but my husband and I love Jerky as do our pets and it definitely isn't cheap by any stretch of the means.  I also wanted to play around with it and see what I could dehydrate and save money on.  Have you checked the prices of dehydrated food.  It's not exactly cheap by any one's standards and I like dehydrated fruit.

I grow a few veggies every year and see to have really good luck with their production.  I end up giving away quite a bit because I can't eat it all and can't take up any more roof in my freezer with it.  However, dehydrating is another option.  Especially if you have a food saver system (have one of them too!) which I personally think everyone should invest in.  The savings you would make on not wasting food pays for the equipment in no time but that's another story.

Back to the dehydrator.  Yes I do surveys and I belong to numerous sites.  These sites pay in points or straight up cash.  As I've said before, you won't get rich doing surveys but you can get things for free! and that's why I do them.

I wanted a Dehydrator.  I didn't want to pay for a Dehydrator.  I checked on Amazon and found the Dehydrators, then I did my homework.  I searched online for which Dehydrators are rated the top of the line based on quality, safety, etc.  Then I went back to Amazon and punched in those names and low and behold one of the Dehydrators was on there!  So I checked my Gift Card balance and I had enough so now I am the proud owner of a Nesco Dehydrator (rated very high mind you).

It arrived today!  And here's the details to so you know I'm telling you the truth.

Doing surveys online really works.  Once you start doing them, you will want to do more and then you will get invite to be on panels and special groups, etc.  It truly works and now I am the proud owner of a Nesco American Harvest FD-37 400 Watt Dehydrator and I didn't pay a single penny out of my bank account for it.

Now I just need to start reading more about dehydrating foods!

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