Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christmas 2012 - One Rebate Received

If you have been following me, you know that I want to pay for my 2012 Christmas free or as close to free as possible using online surveys, rebates, etc. to pay for it.  If you remember, I purchased the below pictured Olay Gift set which had an offer of a free magazine subscription or a Rebate.  I opted for the Rebate.  Now I ordered it online and had to pay $9.54 with tax.

Today I received the Rebate in the mail from Global and the amount refunded was $9.00.  Sooooo, they don't refund the tax.  Pretty much the same with coupons so I'm good with that.  The $.54 that was not refunded comes out of the amount of the Send Earnings cash in I did which states the check will be mailed out March 1st so still have weeks to go till that comes in.  I also cashed out the Inbox Dollars (Sister site to Send Earnings) account so I have about $35 coming from that one as well. 

So here's where I stand on my Christmas 2012 so far.  As you can see, I mark where the money is coming from and if there is any outstanding such as the Olay Gift Basket.  That $.54 comes off the Send Earnings cash in.

Olay Gift Basket$9.54 $0.54 Send Earnings
Wal-Mart Gift Basket$10.60 $2.65 Send Earnings
Wal-Mart Gift Basket$21.20 $5.30 Send Earnings
Weebles Rock N Wobble$21.18 $0.00 Free 
Weebles Sports$5.28 $0.00 Free 
Chuck N Friends Fire Station$21.18 $0.00 Free 
Sylvania Crock Pot$14.87 $8.60 Free After Rebate & Send Earnings
Sticker Kit - Cars$6.99 $0.00 Free
Sticker Kit - Thomas$6.99 $0.00 Free
Velvet Art$4.99 $0.00 Free
Toy Story 3 Rolling Art$7.98 $0.00 Free
Aquadoodle$4.98 $0.00 Free
Aquadoodle$4.98 $0.00 Free
Velvet Poster$1.00 $1.02 Send Earnings
Velvet Poster$1.00 $1.03 Send Earnings
$142.76 $19.14

The $142.76 is the total value of the items and the $19.14 is the amount I have come out of pocket.  Once that Send Earnings check comes in, the $19.14 comes off that total.  Right now I actually have $16.30 left of the Send Earnings left to spend.  The amount above will change once I receive the $5.00 Rebate on the Crock Pot from Walgreens.  So I'm right on track for $0.00 spent out of my bank account for Christmas.  I will probably use the Inbox Dollars money to purchase winter shirts/sweaters for the hubby from clearance at various stores as I will be able to get them very cheap by doing it that way.

Now in case you are wondering about the difference on the Crock Pot, I purchased it on sale and used a Walgreens loyalty card so I only paid $8.60 for it.  There is a $5.00 Rebate that I have submitted so I will be paying $3.60 out of my Send Earnings check for the crock pot which still isn't coming out of my account as it is money I have earned online doing surveys and PTR (paid to read) e-mails.  I'll explain more on those in upcoming posts.


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