Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Savings

You know how you see offers on a great many blog sites for a free sample of lotion or a free sample of cereal. Maybe you see an offer for a free safety kit for kids or a lost pet kit for your pets. Wonder where they find all of that information. Very simple. My Savings. They have a newsletter that comes out every day and let's them know the information.

Now I have made it easy for you. I have added the link for Free Samples (aka My Savings) to the left of my page under Freebies. Now you can click on it everyday and see the new offerings for yourself or.......you can just go here.

Now you don't have to search all over the web trying to find the latest offers and coupons. I would suggest you click on it daily as they put up new offers every day.

And....just so you know....I am not making any money or anything for plugging their site. They just have great offers every day and I regularly sign up for them and have received everything I signed up for. So now you have a choice...you can spend hours searching the web for free samples, kits, coupons, etc., or you can just click on My Savings and find them all at once.

Their site it set up very user friendly with the categories on the left side of the page. They also have a new offers section which is where I click every day.

You can thank me later....hehehe

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