Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be Ruby

Have you heard of Be Ruby? I hadn't till this past weekend and I wanted to check it out before telling you about it.

Here's the skinny: You sign up on the site and set up a profile. Once you set up your profile then you start surfing the web like you normally would.

BeRuby has commission agreements with many sites on the web. You will know which site they have an agreement with because it will have a Ruby symbol next to the site. Some of the sites you can earn commission by register at the site (ex. e-music $2) or shopping at the site (ex. Adidas 2.33%) or simply by clicking on the site (ex.Facebook $.01). Aha. Now I have your attention.

Anyway, you earn money by clicking, registering or shopping. The payout threshold is $10.00. Once you reach the threshold you simple request payment and it is transferred to your PayPal account (yes you must have PayPal).

Another simple and easy way to make money to purchase things with money that didn't come out of your wallet. Go here or click on the picture at the top of the page to register and set up your account today. And yes, I have already signed up.

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