Sunday, January 3, 2010

Walgreens Revlon Matte Update

Be prepared when you go to get your Revlon free Matte eyeshadow this week. I went first thing this morning with coupons in hand. The machine took the Walgreens coupon no problem but them beeped at each coupon for the Revlon eye shadow. I requested the Manger when the clerk just handed them back and said the machine wouldn't take them. The Manager looked at the coupons and said they were fine and told the clerk to over-ride the machine. Now the machine is still going to beep at you if you try to just purchase 3 of the eye shadows (limit at a time) and use the 4 coupons. My advice is to go to the Christmas mark down isle and get a piece of candy. I purchased one that was suppose to be $1 marked 50% off which would have been $.50 but it actually rang up for $.25 so I spent $.33 for the tax on the eye shadow and $.25 for the candy. Not a bad deal considering the makeup is $4.99/ea.

Just be prepared to call for a manager if the clerk doesn't automatically over-ride the register.

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