Saturday, December 5, 2009

Swag Bucks - Great Way To Earn Gift Cards

You've probably heard about Swag Bucks before, but if you haven''s the skinny.

Swag Bucks is a search engine that allows you to earn "Swag Bucks" through the searches that you do on the web. You search the web through their portal, but your search results come from Google and Ask. The difference between going through Google and Ask and searching through Swag Bucks is that you don't reap any rewards (other than your search results) for doing the search through Google/Ask but with Swag Bucks you can win bucks for searches you do.

You accumulate the Swag Bucks and can redeem them for "Prizes" which include, books, health and beauty, electronics, etc., and cards!!!!

Take me for example....on any given day I do probably 30 seaches when I am trying to find coupons for the different sale items at the grocery stores each week. I get paid for some of those searches.

Now, don't will not earn a Swag Buck for every single search you do, but when you do win one, a Swag buck will pop up on the screen. The Swag Bucks can be in increments from $1-5, $10, $15 $20, $50 and $100. You'd be surprised at how many Swag Bucks you can earn doing your normal searches. You can sign up now and start earning Swag Bucks for gift cards for Chritmas next year. (always thinking ahead....).

Click here to get more information and to sign up.


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