Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Special K Cerea Buy One Box Get One Free Offer

Several of the ladies I work with love Special K cereal so I am always looking for coupons for them. Well looky what I found this morning. Alright all of you Special K fans....this one is for you.

Special K is running a special right now for all people who join their site. If you register at the Special K site, you will get a link for a Buy One Get One Free Coupon. Yes you have to register. Remember my rule on registering at sites....if you don't like the site, after you get the item you want, simply unsubscribe. Then you won't get so many e-mails....of course you may miss out on some special deals, but that's entirely up to you.

And...yes of course I registered so I could get the coupon and give it to my co-worker. It's my do good item of the day! Yippee!!!

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