Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Photo Calendar - Buy 1 Get 1 Free

Want a great gift to give to Grandma....a photo calendar of her precious grandchild. They are the PERFECT gift and I mean perfect. Take all of your favorite photos of your child (don't forget to put in one or two with grandma and grandpa), and create a photo calendar. Trust me that Grandma and Grandpa will be proudly displaying the calendar at home, at work, anywhere they possibly can. I know because I've done it. My father had no better thrill than seeing his grand kids on a calendar. We lived far apart and he didn't get to see them as much as he would have liked so this was the perfect gift. PawPaw was a happy camper when he got this one.

Right now Photoworks is offering a buy one get one free when you make a photo calendar with them. It's a great deal and the prices are very reasonable. Go here to check them out. And don't forget, favorite Aunts love them too!

It's a great feel good gift at a great price.

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