Sunday, December 13, 2009

Opinion Outpost = Free Groceries

You know that goal of my site is to show you how to save money on your groceries and how to earn money doing surveys. Opinion Outpost has made my grocery shopping so much easier and cheaper. Now you can do both with Opinion Outpost.

Let me explain....

Opinion-Outpost is my favorite survey site. I have earned over $200 through them this year doing surveys on occasion......let me repeat that....."on occasion". You see with my busy life style (who me???) I don't have the time to do as many surveys as I would like, but when I do, I go to Opinion-Outpost and Mindfield Online first as they pay in cash dollars.

Anyway, Opinion-Outpost pays generally $2 and up for a survey that last about twenty minutes. I once did a 3 hour panel (over 3 days) that paid $25. Now you are obviously not going to get rich or make your first million doing surveys, but that's not what I use them for. I use them to get free items that we use everyday.

Here's the fill out little profiles about your lifestyle (i.e., what you use, when you use it, your interest, etc.). It helps them decide which surveys benefit you. If you have little ones, you will get a ton of surveys. If you read a lot of different magazines, they have tons of surveys for you. They are one of the best major legitimate survey companies and they partner with a lot of the biggie manufactures.

After you fill out your profiles, you will start getting survey invites. You will answer a few brief questions to see if you qualify (age, race, geographical territory, etc.). It's usually about 10 questions. If you qualify, then you are re-routed to the survey. They usually take about 20 minutes and once you have been doing them for a little while you get familiar with how they go and you are able to navigate through the questions pretty quickly.

You earn points for the surveys. Example 10 points equal $1, 20 points equal $2, etc. You accumulate points/dollars. Now you have two options to cash out. You can request a check after you have reached the threshold which is 50 points or $5. However, I let my points accumulate.

Now you are asking how does Opinion-Outpost equal free groceries. Opinion-Outpost added the cash out option of Amazon Gift Certificates. This is so sweet!!!!! How so...... simple you purchase groceries with your Amazon Gift Certificates so the money is never coming out of your pocket.

When you have enough points that you want to cash out, you simple request a Gift Certificate Code and tell them how much you want to cash out. You don't have to cash out all of it and I never do. This morning for example I checked my account and I had $104.00 in my Opinion-Outpost account. I requested a Gift Certificate Code for $75 which pops up immediately. Then I logged into my Amazon account and applied the Certificate Code to my account so now I had a $75 credit in my account.

Remember my earlier post about doing an inventory on my stockpile to see what I was running low of the items was tissue paper. Another item I noticed the other day I was running low on is Sweet N Low. Amazon has a 1,500 count box of Sweet N Low for $19.95. They also have Charmin Basic 4 Big Rolls (12 Packages = 48 rolls) for $43.60. Both of these items we use on a regular basis and both qualify for the Super Saver Shipping. So it costs me $63.55 + $2.62 tax for a Grand Total of $66.17. I still have $8.83 in my account.

Now, I consider these items free. Look at it this way....the money didn't come out of my checking account, savings account, etc. I never paid a dime. I used money I earned on line, transferred it somewhere else and used that money to purchase something we use everyday. With the purchase of these two items, I now will now have enough Sweet N Low to last me a couple of years and enough tissue paper (with the packages I currently have on hand) to last 1 year. I can cross those two items off of my list. I still have $29 in my Opinion Outpost account which I will let sit and build back up.

It's another way to get your groceries without having to pay a dime out of your personal money accounts. You didn't physically see the money from Opinion-Outpost which is a good thing because you didn't have an opportunity to spend it on something you didn't really need. Trust me...if I had requested a check for that $75, by the time it got to me odds are I would have spent it somewhere else.

The goal is to use these types of sites to earn money to spend on the items you use on a regular basis. When you knock those items out, then you are only purchasing the things there generally aren't coupons out there for such as fresh fruit, fresh veggies and meat.

This week alone, I have shown you how to stock up on free Fabric Softener, cheap frozen veggies, free Johnson & Johnson Buddy Soaps, cheap Cream of Mushroom and Chicken soup, free Tennessee Pride Sausage Gravy and free Dole Fruit. See how it's done. It's all about the timing and purchasing the things you use on a regular basis when you can get them at ridiculous prices or free. Pretty soon your shopping list will shrink incredibly low and you are not spending hundreds at the grocery are spending tens.

As I said, I consider the Sweet-N-Low and tissue paper I purchased today free because the money didn't come out of my checking account. The money never touched my hands so it cost me nothing but the time to do a few surveys here and there.

Now you might be sitting there saying...I can get the tissue paper for cheaper than $43.60 for 12 4-Packs. Maybe so, but that money is coming out of your pocket right? It's not coming out of mine. Remember I never touched this money. The less money that comes out of your account for groceries is more money you can apply to those bills you have to get them paid off and get yourself completely out of debt and that my friends is the ultimate goal.

The only way I can show you how to do this is to give you the proof on what I do every day. By the time you get this down, you will see exactly how much I spend on groceries each week. Hopefully not that much. And you can check me whenever you like. I welcome comments.

Scroll down the right side of my page to the Survey Section and click on Opinion Outpost to join. All of the survey sites listed there are survey sites I currently do surveys for. And.....don't tell me you don't have time to do surveys...if you had time to read this blog or time to get on Facebook and chat with your friends or play an online game, then you have time to do a survey. Set your goal to 1 to 3 surveys a pays off in the long run.

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