Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Christmas Crusade Needs Your Help

O.K. I'm not above begging, pleading and groveling and it appears it has come to that. Here's the deal, my friend Becky over at Nickels-N-Dimes is hosting a Christmas Crusade. The Crusade is to benefit The Rose Garden in Covington, Kentucky. Here's the thing......we're not asking you to go out and buy a single thing (you can if you really want to). What we are asking you to do is to clean out your closets, your dresser drawers, your kids toys (where will they put all the new ones from Santa????). Donate those gentle used (no holes, rips, tears, etc.) to the Christmas Crusade.

They are looking for clothing, household items, toys, baby things, etc. Yes, you'll have to step away from the computer and take a few minutes to grab that sweater or pants, or stroller or Barbie Dolls or your son's jeans he outgrew or whatever and put them in a bag or box and drive them over to the event. Go here to get all of the information on dates, times, location, etc.

We can't let Becky down as she does so much good for so many people, and this is for a really great cause. Tis the season to give a little. And just think, you'll be getting that closet you've be meaning to clean out, CLEANED OUT. Now isn't that a great feeling.

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