Saturday, December 26, 2009

$1 Any Coke Product Coupon - Mail - Recycle Bank

Here's an easy way to earn 10 $1 off any one coke product coupons and possibly help out the environment if the program is available in your area. It's called Recycle Bank.

I am a huge fan of recycling and we recycle everything we possibly can. I would say that on a normal week, we put out about 1/2 bag of trash. We have one of those huge Trash containers provided by the city and honestly, we could probably go two months before we had to put it out, however, that wouldn't do well with the smell I'm sure so we drag it out there every week. The trash men have gotten to the point of just lifting the lid to see what we have inside in lieu of rolling the huge container to the truck and dumping it.

Recycle Bank is a program currently only operating in a select handful of cities and states. It's still catching on but it's a great program. The jist of the program is that you sign up and have a trash receptacle/container delivered that measures the pounds of recycling you have. You earn points based on the pounds. Each pound earns 2.5 points and you can earn up to 450 points per month. The points can then be used for various items such as apparel, gift cards, household items, grocery items, etc. They have an electronic recycling program where you fill out the information on what type of cell phone, laptop or MP3 player you have to recycle. They send you a printable label to attach to your package and you send in your electronic to one of their facilities. The facility then checks out the equipment and awards you points.

They also have a credit card (Visa) called the Gconomy Visa Card. You earn points every time you use the card at a participating partner. You can find a list of partners in your area by simply going to that section and typing in your zip code. I was shocked at how many retailers/facilities are participating in my area.

Unfortunately, my city/state are not involved in the curbside program, however that doesn't prevent me from registering which I did. Just for registering I received 100 points. Coca Cola is a participating partner and is offering a $1 on any coke product coupon for 10 points. So after I registered, I clicked on the "Get Rewards" tab and signed in. Then I scrolled down and clicked on the Coca Cola tab and added it to my shopping cart. Then I clicked on the shopping cart and changed the total to 10 (100 points) and checked out. I will receive 10 $1/1 Coca Cola coupons by mail. Remember the Cocaholic hubbie. These will come in very handy for his Coca Cola products and if you use them at Walgreens or CVS when they have Register Rewards or Extra Care Bucks going, it will be great savings for you.

It's also a great way to get involved in recycling and turn those points into items you can use. Remember, the goal is to find ways to get the products you normally use without coming out of your pocket for the payment. Add it to your list, start recycling and earning points today. Click here to join. last thing....if they don't have the curbside program in your area, you can request they e-mail you when it is available and you can contact your city and encourage them to join. Recycle bank is a great way to recycle, earn points and save money.

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