Monday, November 30, 2009

Vocal Point - Have You Joined Yet?

You've probably heard about Vocal Point before, but if you haven't, I'm surprised. Vocal Point is a great place for ladies/moms to get together and give their thoughts and opinions on a variety of topics and products. Just another networking site right? Not exactly..while it's a great place to share information and meet new people, Vocal Point offers great tips, coupons and products from name brand manufacturers. The biggies....and yes, Proctor & Gamble is included.

It has great sections on family, cooking, around the house, special of the day, etc. I joined it some time back, but you know me, I like to try new things for a while before I tell you about them. And, just as I thought, this is the real deal. Now I have to admit that I have missed some of the great offers to try out because I had waaaaayyyy to many e-mails in the old in-box and deleted the messages by accident. Don't do'll get e-mails from them on upcoming events and you don't want to miss these.

It is just as good a deal as the CVS deal I told you about recently. Click here to get all of the information and to sign up. You'll start receiving information from them very soon and it is definitely worth it. The coupons alone are worth products, that's a sweet bonus!

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