Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday 10/16/2009 Breakfast for Dinner

Well, I'm out of chicken and roast and I didn't have a clue what to fix for dinner. Used to be that on Saturday and Sunday I would get up and fix one of those bad for your breakfast. You know the ones, wonderful bacon, eggs, toast or biscuits and has browns. Comfort food at its best. Well, since my husband now has the job of his dreams and works on Saturday and sleeps sinfully late on Sunday, those morning breakfast went by the wayside. Soooo, I decided to have breakfast for dinner. I love to have breakfast for dinner and I know you do to. Tonight's breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, home made buttermilk biscuits and home made strawberry jelly.

The cost breaks down this way. Eggs were $1 at the 10/10 sale at Krogers (Kroger Brand) so each egg cost roughly $.08 (1 egg for hubby and 1 for me). Cost of eggs for dinner = $.16

The bacon was a big more expense at $2.29 for the package from SuperValu (yes I have a lot of receipts to refer back to.) There were 15 slices in the package so that makes each slice $.15. They were the most expensive item we ate and we each had two slices and 1 fix 2 extra slices for the pooches. So the total cost for the bacon was $.90

The jelly I made over the summer when everone was selling strawberries for $.99/carton. I got mine from meijers and they were awesome. I got the Sur Jel from Wal-Mart for $1.69 and it contains two packages so divide by two = $.84. I got the sugar from Meijers when they were having their sale on the sugar for $1.69 and there was a $2 off sugar when you purchased so many packages of Kool-Aid. I purchased 4 packages of sugar during that sale and definitely wish I had purchased more. I did a post on this before and can't find it but I remember the final cost per pint (six made) of home made jelly came out to about $.01 per tablespoon. We both had a jelly on one biscuit so $.02 for the jelly for dinner.

Last was the cost to make the biscuits. The salt and baking soda were free purchased at Wal-mart. Remember when Arm N Hammer had the $1/2 coupon a few months back. Wal-Mart sells the little bitty boxes for $48 (at the time - I'm not sure of the cost now, but I think it's about $.52/box.) The flour was $1.69 from SuperValu. I had to figure up the flour cost by cup which = $.10 and I used 3 cups in the recipe so you have $.30 for the flour. The shortening I also figured up by cup and then had to divide by four. I honestly couldn't remember the cost of the shortening but it's an off brand so I figured $2 just to be fair. The cost for the shortening for the recipe was $.29. Finally, the Buttermilk. I stoppd at the store on the way home and got 1 caton of Buttermilk from SuperValu for $1.09. I used 1/2 for the recipe so the cost for the recipe was $.54. So for the biscuits it cost $1.13 for 12 or approximately $.108 per biscuit. We shared the first biscuit to see if they were edible (hey, you take your chances in my kitchen - I didn't take Home Economics in school.) Anyway, we shared the first one and decided they were pretty good so we each had another with dinner.

Now for the grand total
Eggs = $.16
Bacon = $.90
Jelly = $.02
Biscuits = $.32 (remember we split one)
Total cost = $1.40 or $.70 each for dinner.

You can't buy a bacon, egg, biscuit sandwich anywhere for that. And the home made biscuits and home made jelly were awesome.

This week so far has been a challenge, but it has been fun and it has made me really want to continue doing this and challenging myself to come up with new exciting things to make and serve each week. Hopefully the sales will be kind to me this week and I can come up with great ideas for next week.

One more day and not sure what I'm going to do tomorrow night but I think we are meeting with family so it may be no choice but a dinner out. The good thing....I have coupons to alot of restaurants and gift cards I earned on

Stay tuned for new coupons, meal challenges and coupon matcups for the weekend.

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