Sunday, February 1, 2009

Grocery Sales

I will start putting a post up every Sunday for the sales coming up for the next week. There will probably be some stores on here that you normally don't see on the other sites. With couponing, one of the most important things you have to remember is that store loyality has to go out the window. Not everyone has a sale on what you need when you need it. That's the beauty of having so many stores to choose from. More than likely someone will have a sale on an item that you need at a price that is great!

As I stated in my initial post, I don't claim to save 90% every time I go to the grocery store, but I do save a bunch. As you have probably heard before, and I'll say it again here, stock piling is essential if you want to have the most benefit from couponing. The second essential is putting a monthly menu together. I have one taped to my fridge. For the most part I follow it but there are times that circumstances change and I don't. Your menu schedule will be the same way. It's no big deal, just move the meal you didn't make to the next month. I'll talk more about these items in future posts. Right now let's just see what's out there that you might need and can save money on this week.

Dollar General

Sales runs February 1st through February 8th

There are only a couple of items that I felt were worth posting:

1. Colgate Toothpast on sale for $.85/each. Use the $.75/1 (off 1) coupon from the 2/1/09 Smart Source - final cost $.10/each.

2. Colgate Toothbrush on sale for $.85/each. Use the the $.40/1 coupon from the 2/1/09 SmartSource - final cost $.45/each.

That's all that I see worth listing here, but for a whopping $.55 cents you get a tube of toothpaste and a brand new toothbrush. Not a bad deal.

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