Saturday, January 31, 2009

Starting Things Off

Tonight I begin my new blog.

In the past couple of months I have seen and heard all of the not so encouraging news about the economy. Naturally I have searched the web, just like all of you, looking for ways to save, earn, invest, recycle, etc. I must say that I have found some very interesting sites and blogs out there that provide sound information on how to do these things. Unfortunately there are far more that don't. Soooo, after being hounded by a few of my friends to do this, I decided to give it a whirl.

It's all new to me so I am sure I will have many bumps and bruises along the way and hopefully, anyone that stops by will have patience (and pity I beg) on the newest newbie...ME!!!

What do I hope to gain. Maybe I should have said what do I hope to give...several things actually. Over the next few weeks I hope to add a bit of information about survey sites (I belong to 23 and counting!), couponing (I don't buy $150.00 for $2.19 as some state they can do, but I regularly cut 60-75% off my grocery amount and have a heck of a stockpile loving referred to as "De's Store"; mystery shopping (newest interest of mine); making things from scratch, recycling and little tidbits that have some of my friends telling me I should have lived on the little house on the prairie.

It appears to me that if we take some of the old (making from scratch) and add a bit of new (recycling) throw in a pinch of borrowed (couponing anew) and lord help me if I can come up with the blue...anyway you get the picture. Maybe with all of these things I can help you save-a-dollar earn-a-dollar and recycle a dollar every single day and we can get through this together.

Please leave me a comment on anything you might be interested in or want to know if I know how to do. Tust me, I can tell you how to make your own laundry determent that will cost you about $.02 a load and that's just the beginning. So stop on by, read a bit and speak up. Advice always welcome.

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