Friday, February 1, 2013

Say It Isn't So - Kroger To Stop Doubling Coupons

Kroger to Stop Doubling Coupons in 30 Days

Saw on a local news website today Kroger's announcement that in thirty (30) days they will stop doubling coupons.  It wasn't a headliner story, but it was on there and of course I saw it.  One of those announcements they sneak in there so they don't have the masses running and screaming to the Managers of all of their stores.  They have actually been phasing this change to their coupon policy in across the U.S. over the last several months.  Now it has hit my area and it was already the talk of the office.

The reason for this change is very simple mathematics.  They want your money for the store brands and not the big name brands.  For example, say you have name brand cupcake "A" for $1.89 and the store brand cupcake "B" is $1.29.  If the manufacturer puts out a $.50/1 coupon and they double, then of course being the smart shopper you are, you are going to take the name brand cupcake for $.89 over the store brand for cupcake for $1.29.  If you take doubling out of the picture then you have the name brand cupcake for $1.39 versus the store brand for $1.29.  Shoppers who are on a tight budget will take the store brand over the name brand every time because all of those dimes ad up.  It's a game of chess between the grocers and the manufacturers.  It is expected that all grocers across the U.S. will discontinue the double coupon policy.  Domino effect.

There is the potential for benefit to the consumers, but it will be down the road.  The reason again is simple mathematics.  For a while the makers of name brand products have been putting out coupons like $.50/2 or $1.00/4, etc.  With this coupon change and the expected (more like anticipated) switch by the consumers to purchase more store brand products, the name brand manufacturers will be jockeying to get your business back.  Coupons will be an area they target.  You will see a shift back to the $.50/1 and $1/1 type of coupons.  But that is definitely down the road a bit.

Now I know that this is going to affect many people's grocery budget.  If you have been a steadfast coupon user, you are really going to have to pay attention to prices.  Or, you could do another thing I call......START MAKING IT YOURSELF!!!!  What a smart idea.

Don't know how to cook things from scratch?  Not to worry, we'll go down this road together.

Learning to cook is not a bad thing.  It can be intimidating and scary and so much fun!  Once you start venturing out and trying to fix things yourself instead of buying the pre-made this and that, you will find some great benefits.

Number One:  It will DEFINITELY lower your food expenses.

Number Two:  It taste SO MUCH BETTER than processed foods that you will be shocked.

Number Three:  It is much HEALTHIER for you than any processed foods.

Number Four:   You will know and be able to name every single ingredient in every dish you make.  (You knew I had to throw that in there)  Have you read the labels on the products you buy lately?  Can you even pronounce some of that stuff?  Me neither.  

I'm not saying to stop using coupons, however I am saying be smart about what coupons you use and what products you purchase.

Times are tough and they are only going to continue to get tougher, but you and I can do this.  If you can read this blog, you can do it.  So hang in there and don't get discouraged.

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