Thursday, January 19, 2012

Work From Home - Legitimate Company

Every now and then you run across a person who is doing a good thing because they are just a good person. I had the pleasure of meeting online just such a person. Her name is Joanetta Beacham ( I probably just butchered the spelling of her name). She works for a company that is called Creativewealth-LLC. The goal of this company is to put able people back to work from their homes.

Now you know that I don't like to put up any information that I haven't personally checked out so of course I had to check out the company and it is legitimate.

They hire for positions in all states right now with the exceptions of Maryland, Massachusetts, Connecticut and California which currently have no open positions

They are affiliated with Arise Viritual Solutions which was recently featured on FOX News. They deal with the biggie Fortune 500 companies and have positions to fill such as customer service, technical support, etc.

According to a recent message received from Joanetta, she has 11,000 positions to fill for AT&T, Apple, Sears, Carnival,Royal and others. This is not a game, nor a joke. These are legitimate positions that pay from $9.00/hr up to $16.00/hr. Training is required for these positions and it is layered training, in other words you take phase 1, then phase 2, etc.

As these are work from home positions, there are specific equipment needs such as a VOIP headset and home land line, desk top computer, internet, etc. Each position might have different needs and/or requirements.

The great thing about these positions, outside of the fact that you can work from your own home, is that basically you can set your own hours. You can even work for more than one company at a time. You just have to fulfill the minimum hours required per week and it's all logged.

Anyway, if you know someone who is out of work, please pass this information on to them. For more information and to contact them please go to Creativewealth-LLC.

Thank you to Joanetta for passing this information on to me and answering my multitude of questions!! You are an angel on Earth!


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