Monday, January 16, 2012

Walgreens Shopping 01-16-2012

Went to get the items I talked about yesterday from Walgreens and the deal worked perfectly and was a little bit sweeter than I expected.

As you can see from the receipts, you actually get $2.50 off instead of $2.49 which was the cost of the ThermaCare.

The better part is that once you purchase the ThermaCare a $2 coupon prints out good on a 2-pack. If you are a user of this product, if you go to, you can also print a $3.00 coupon good on a 2 pack. The regular price for these are $6.99 at Walgreens so you would end up getting a 2-pack for $1.99

As you can see from the receipts (have no idea why it flipped sideways):

$28.38 - Total Value

$6.14 - Total Out of Pocket OOP

79% Savings - Woo Hoo

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