Sunday, January 15, 2012

Spring Cleaning Week #4

And you thought I forgot.....hehehehe.....nope....just been pretty busy today.

Woo Hoo, it's week number 4 of spring cleaning. Now so far, we have been "cleaning out" and now it's time to get to cleaning. Remember, we are going slow, we have several weeks to go so we're taking it simple and slow, but by the time Spring gets here, you won't have to worry about it.

This week you need a rag and a warm bucket of water. No soap or cleaners needed. We are cleaning all the pictures and mirrors in the house. Every room. Doesn't matter if it's on the walls or on the tables.

Now, very important point here, VERY not have your wash rag soaking wet. Get it wet with warm water and then ring the day lights out of it. The reason is very simple. You do not want to ruin your prescious pictures in those frames and if you get too much water on the glass, it will seep under the edges and ruin your pictures. You cannot get water stains out of pictures so please pay attention to what I have written here.

Another reason to make certain your wash rag is rung out well is if you have real wooden frames. You don't want to damage real wood with water spots either. You can get those out but it takes a lot of work and you don't want to add that to the spring cleaning list.

If you are thinking about using Windex or something like that on the glass on your frames, I implore you not to. It's not necessary. I'll be honest in telling you that I don't use glass cleaners. Not because I'm cheap, but because when I was a kid my father showed me that you could clean a glass just as well with just warm water and a rag. I've been doing that ever since. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with glass cleaners, but I choose not to use them and just use some elbow grease instead. I don't spend the money; I'm not subjecting my family and animals to the chemicals and I don't have to worry about recycling anything.

Anyway, this week is a very easy week. Go grab your bucket, warm water and rag and get to cleaning!

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