Sunday, January 29, 2012

Shop Your Way Rewards - Little Info

In the back of the Smart Source is a flyer stating get a $10 off coupon when you buy $30 worth of P&G Products. This is through the Shop Your Way Rewards Program. This program is exclusively through Sears, K-Mart, Lands End, Mygofer and The Great Indoors.

The skinny is that you enroll for the program and you will get a card with a "Pin" number on it. When you purchase "qualifying" items, you get a point for every $.10 spent. Some items have multipliers which means that if you spent $10.00 on an item and it had a 3X multiplier on it, then you would get 300 points instead of 100. You can earn points either shopping in the store or online.

Now the offers or "qualifying" items change weekly/monthly as do the multipliers. There are also bonus days, etc. You can also become a "Bonus" member by supplying your e-mailing address and opting in to get e-mails from them. There are special events avaiable to "Bonus" members only so if you are going to apply for the program then you should definitely opt in to get those offers.

Also, if you use your Sears (you can use at K-Mart), then you get 5% back as well.

You can use your points on products you purchase. There is a little video on the site that uses the example of "1,000 points = $1.00" so if you had say 30,000 points or $30.00 in credit on your card and your total bill was $40, then you can use your points and end up paying $10.00. It doesn't give exclusions in the video for products but I'm sure there are probably some here and there. For example, I know that K-Mart does Lay-A-ways and it is highly unlikely that you can use your points to pay down your Lay-A-Way.

Sounds like a good program to sign up for if you are a shopper of the participating stores.

And don't forget the purchase $30 worth of P&G products and get a $10 off coupon event going on at K-Mart. The offer is good 01/29/2012 through 02/04/2012. The P&G Brand Saver came out today so don't forget to snag your coupons out of it.

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