Sunday, January 22, 2012

One Week Left - $25.36 left to spend

Well, I have one week left and $25.36 left to spend in my budget for this month.  Now I didn't make it out to Meijers this week as the weather yesterday threw a kink into my plan.  We had 1/4" ice and I don't do ice unless I absolutely have to.  As good a deal as it was, Motts Apple Sauce at $.66 a 6-pack wasn't worth fighting the ice so I still have money left in the budget for the month.

As you can see below, this is what I have spent for the month.  Now I always put down the total value.  That I find is a great incentive to show you how you are doing day-to-day, week-to-week and month-to-month.  It helps keep you on track.

Budget - $200.00
Total Total
Remkes1/2/2012$13.98 $4.94
Krogers1/6/2012$17.39 $7.24
Remkes1/6/2012$29.88 $10.40
Krogers1/12/2012$15.35 $8.35
Family Dollar1/12/2012$6.30 $2.80
Meijers1/12/2012$34.18 $14.94
Wal-Mart1/14/2012$16.23 $16.23
Family Dollar1/14/2012$6.30 $2.80
Krogers1/15/2012$34.43 $25.93
Walgreens1/16/2012$3.64 $2.64
Walgreens1/16/2012$24.74 $3.50
Krogers1/17/2012$69.51 $52.28
CVS1/19/2012$24.52 $10.60
Krogers1/19/2012$25.39 $11.99
$321.84 $174.64

As you can see for this month, I am slightly below 50% savings.  That's o.k. for me this month because I purchased several items  that there weren't coupons out there for.  Regardless of the percentage, I am still on track for my budget so I'm good with that.  Next month, I plan on cooking from the stockpile so I should be able to spend about 1/2 my budget of $200.00 for the month.

As of right now, I know that I will need to purchase another gallon of milk and I want to take advantage of the Hunts tomato deal at Krogers this week.  Other than that, I don't know of any have to have items.  I may purchase a few things for snacky foods next week for the game or I may not and take whatever is left of the budget, however small the amount is, and move it to savings.

This next week we are going to start talking more about using coupons and rolling items using Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards from Walgreens and CVS.  We are also going to talk about loyality and shopping where the deals are. 



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