Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just Like Getting It Free - Don't Be Deceived


Interesting title and one that I have gotten flack from in the past and I'm sure I will again, but in response to an e-mail I received on Thursday, I've decided it's time to set things straight again.

The e-mail I received was a question about a post I made about Smart Ones at Target. If I remember correctly, the scenario I posted was this:

$18.90 - Purchase 10 Smart Ones @ $1.89/ea.
($3.00) - Target Printable Coupon
($3.00) - Printable Coupon
$12.90 - Final Cost + $5.00 Gift Card.

Makes sense right? Well, the question I received was because the Ms. Jill had seen the same post on another blog but the person said the final cost was $.79/ea. and not $1.29/ea. as I had posted. Why did I say it was the higher cost when it wasn't. Well, because the truth of the matter is because you will pay the higher cost.

In this scenario when you go to the register and purchase your Smart Ones and turn over your coupons, you will pay $12.90 out of pocket. And, when the nice register person gives you your change and receipt, they will also give you a $5.00 gift card. They will not take the $5.00 gift card off that total. That's not how it works. The final price is $1.29 ea. period. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. That's the way it is.

Now I see all the time people use this word play gimmick (my words) when they post about CVS Extra Care Bucks and Walgreens Register Rewards and folks it just isn't true. Let's go back to Target for a minute. The bottom line is that I would pay $12.90 out of pocket. Now I could take that $5.00 gift card and go back through Target and do the deal again and instead of turning in just my two coupons, I could turn in the $5.00 gift card also and then the final cost would be $7.90, but it won't be that cost without the gift card.

It irritates the hell out of me when people state "it's like getting it for" because no it's not. Here's the thing, the Extra Care Bucks and the Register Rewards and the Gift Cards are for the next purchase. Now what you have to do is learn to "Roll" them to get the best deals and we are going to talk about that really soon because it's going to save you a lot of money when you get it down to an art and again, trust me, you can do this. But right now I am focusing on people who are brand new to couponing so I am starting things out slowly so that you don't get overwhelmed and crazy and purchase everything in sight that you have a coupon for because then you will in fact have wasted more money that you saved.

Think of it this way. If you did the deal and you got the $5.00 gift card, could you go deposit it into your bank account? No. Could you use it at any other store than Target? No again. And, if you don't use that card, you still paid $12.90 or $1.29/ea. That gift card has no value on the current order. It's only good towards future orders.

When you see someone or the retailer themselves say Crest for $2.99 + get $2 Register Rewards which makes it the same as $.99. Bull&*(#. You still paid $2.99 out of pocket (unless you had a coupon). However, you will get the $2.00 to use on a FUTURE order. That's the way it goes. I don't give a hoot what anyone says, that's the truth!!!! I've been doing it for years and it hasn't changed yet.

So, with that said, when I say it's going to cost $1.29 or $.89 or whatever/ea., that's what it is going to cost. I will not mislead you into thinking it's a better deal than it is. I have nothing to gain by doing that. My goal is to teach you how to cut your grocery bill and other bills as well and I'm not going to do it playing word games.

Thanks for the e-mail Ms. Jill and thanks for bringing up the confusion readers of blogs on couponing face. And of course, thanks for reading mine! Hopefully this has cleared up any confusion as to what I put up here and what other bloggers put on their site.


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