Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Fighting Fear - Winning the War at Home

When there is a book I believe in, I promote it and this book is one of the books I highly suggest for military families.

Saying goodbye to a loved one leaving for war is a gut-wrenching proposition. But for those of us left behind, their deployment marks the beginning of our battle. And yet, it is possible to find God’s peace in the midst of fear and conquer the terror that lurks in the darkness of doubt. In Fighting Fear: Winning the War at Home, parents, spouses and siblings recount their personal journey as God goes before His people during times of spiritual, physical and military warfare. Learn the secret to living a peace-filled life when a loved one leaves for battle. Fight fear; win the war at home.

Here's what some people say about it:

Fighting Fear, Winning the War at Home brings hope and comfort to the families left behind when a loved one is deployed. — Gina Holmes, bestselling author of Crossing Oceans and Dry as Rain.

Edie Melson, author/editor, presents an honest, helpful book for those with family members serving in the military. She writes from experience and with heart, having faced the fear and anxiety that comes with having a family member overseas. — Alton Gansky, author.

Few life events can be more unsettling than sending a loved one off to war. This book captures so vividly the fear, doubts and anxiety that go along with deployment, but more than that, each devotion leaves no doubt as to God's presence with us in the midst of it all.— Ann Tatlock, award-winning novelist.
Touches the heart. Nurtures the soul.— Jack Cavanaugh, novelist.

If you know of a military family I suggest you share this link with them.  Deployment is always a possibility and never easy to face, even when you've been down the road more than once.  This book points out some great tried and true lessons for learned experience on how to cope and come out on the other side standing taller and smiling brighter than when they started down the road.  A must read for every military family!

Amazon is offering this e-book for $.99. A steal for wealth of information received!


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