Sunday, January 15, 2012

Cottonelle 12-Pk $2.75 @ Walgreens - Here's How

O.K. so truth is if I had waited one day, I would have saved $3.00 total on my purchase of Cottonelle 12-pks yesterday but that's o.k. I'm still way under budget for the month, but I can't help but share with you how you can get the $5.00 Cottonelle 12 packs at Walgreens for $2.75.
You can only do this if you have a Loyality card that has been stamped all 10 times. If you do, then you can utilize this deal. Here's the scenario:

$5.00 Cottonelle 12 Pack
- $.75 - 15% Loyality Card Discount
- $.50 - MFG coupon in today's Smart Souce in the paper
- $1.00 - Walgreens monthly coupon from the little coupon book by the flyers
$2.75 - Final Cost

Now remember yesterday when I was told you that the 24 packs are selling for a minimum of $10 at the grocery stores, etc. Using the deal above you can basically get a 24 pack for $5.00

Now this is a great price to stock up on. If you need more coupons, order them online or go to E-Bay to get them.


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