Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Coming Home to Surprises

As I told you yesterday I came home to a couple of great things and just didn't have time to post about them. Well, now's the time.

First of all, shock of shockers, I received a Progresso VIP Pack. Woot Woot!!! This was awesome. As you can see from the picture I got a DVD plus 5 cans of Progresso Soup! Not sure that I will eat the clams but maybe I can give that to someone at work! None the less, I checked the labels on these and they look pretty awesome. The Light Chicken Noodle is 70 calories a serving, 2 servings per can and only 15 calories of fat. Yeah Team!!! Trust me when I say I can use all the help I can get because I definitely have some junk in my trunk! :) And yes I took the cans out of the ziplock bags and tucked them safely away for future use (I meant the bags!) Don't forget, I got this great pack courtesy of Progresso and My Blog Spark. Great team!

Don't forget about my Progresso Gift Away. You will get a Pack with a couple of cans of free Progresso Soup and a DVD from the Biggest Loser as well. If you haven't posted your interest, don't forget to do so below with a way to reach you in case you win. Why do you like Progresso and why should you win the Pack???

Next was my order from Alice. Remember how I had a $10.00 gift card I did to Alice from Swagbucks I earned. Well I was going to use it on tissue paper but as I did so well at Walgreens on that I decided to use the $10.00 for other stuff. I was out of popcorn (we have an air popper) so I ordered a couple of bags of that and just picked a box of this and a box of that. Ended up getting 3 different types of macaroni and cheese (there's a white cheddar one I'm dying to try) and a box of donut hole mix. That will be interesting. Of course if they turn out o.k. I will be figuring out how to make them with my own ingredients. And I have to tell you that I'm amazed with their shipping department. I ordered these products on Saturday and got them yesterday (Tuesday). Wow.

Now remember, I am accoutable to you so here's the picture of the recipt from Alice showing I didn't pay a dime. And I'm adding these to my freebies list as well as groceries for the month. Woo Hoo!

I just love getting stuff for free!!!!

I also got a coupon from Weight Watchers for $5 off 12 of the Smart Ones. It was a great day at my house yesterday!!!

Woo Hoo!!!


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