Sunday, January 8, 2012

$.60 Q-Tips Coupon = 30 Recycle Bank Points

You know I'm a big fan of recycling.  Well, recycling + coupons + recycle bank points is another WIN/WIN wait, make that a WIN/WIN/WIN for me.

1) Go to recycle bank and watch the little video about recycling Q-Tips so you can start recycling them;

2)  Earn 25 points for watching video;

3)  Print the $.60/1 coupon good on 300 count package;

4)  Earn 30 points for printing coupon

When you click on the link above and get to the site, click on the earn tab and scroll down until you see the Q-Tip picture and click on it.

You will have learned to recycle Q-Tips and all paper products, gotten a coupon for $.60/1 and earned 55 points.

Taking advantage of the options offered.  You earned points, you found a great coupon and you learned a little something along the way.  Win / Win / Win



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