Sunday, December 11, 2011

Walmart Gift Sets

Received a Wal-Mart e-mail today about fabulous
gift sets they are offering right now for $9.00 with free
shipping. Of course I had to check it out for next year.
Yes I am already shopping for next year. Smart right

Here's the thing, I'm done with the Christmas purchases
for this year but I know the people I shop for and I
know what they like and this is perfect for one of the
people on my list. Why am I shopping for it now?
Because I can get it for free!!!!

Here's the go online and order one of the gift sets or how ever many you want. I only wanted one and I picked the one I have pictured above. If you click on the picture it should take you to the Walmart gift set page. We all know that Olay products can be pricey so being able to get this free was an outstanding deal to me and one I couldn't pass up.

Now you will get free shipping on the product but you do pay tax so I ended up paying $9.54 for the item. However, in the package comes a little offer for a magazine subscription OR a rebate offer of $9.99 which makes the product FREE!!!!!

I checked out getting this product through Ebates and you can get 3% back. However, you have to pay for shipping which is $.75 plus you pay the tax which means that in the end you will come out of pocket some change. Not as good a deal as free so I passed on Ebates. However, I could get the exact same deal through Mypoints and earn approximately 9 points there so I opted to do it that way. Now remember that with Mypoints it will take about 30 days before the points show up in your account.

You are guaranteed shipping by the 23rd on this product and actually mine came up to being shipped between the 14th and 16th, which is really irrelevant to me because it is a gift for next year. Why get it now? Because I can get it for free after I send in the rebate. Be certain and print out your online order confirmation to use with the rebate. The rebate will be listed on the magazine subscription which comes with the gift. I'm assuming it will be on the inside of the package which means I will have to open and repackage the gift but that's not an issue. So I'm now down one gift down for next Christmas and it will cost me no money once I have received my rebate.

2012 Christmas is one of my New Years Resolutions. I want to see how much I can get for my family absolutely free. I know that I am really going to have to stretch myself in doing surveys and whatnot to do this but it should be a challenge and one I want to see if I can accomplish! I think I will challenge another blogger to get her readers to do the same. Let's see if we can provide a wonderful Christmas 2012 for our families and friends for absolutely FREE! Anyone game. Spread the word and let's make this a mission! Let's show others how it can be done!

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