Monday, December 26, 2011

Military Monday

I would like to start posting new military information on Mondays, hence the title Military Monday! Catchy I think. Now I know not all of you are involved or affiliated with the military, but there are enough people out there who are and of course the military is near and dear to my heart so Military Mondays it is. Each Monday I hope to post a new resource or tidbit that can help service members and their families.

The Operation Endure and Grow program is a new online training experience focused on the fundamentals of launching and/or growing a small business, offered by the Whitman School of Management in cooperation with the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The 8-week training program is open to National Guard and reserve members as well as their family members.

The Structure of Endure and Grow:

The program will include two different tracks (start up and growth) and will offer training in the following:

- Core component parts required to develop a business or nonprofit organizational plan

- The interrelationship/interdependency of marketing, accounting/finance, operations/production, and human resources required to formulate a business plan for either a "for profit" business or a nonprofit organization.

- Develop and write an objective, cohesive, and integrated business or nonprofit plan.

- A number of analytical tools, methodologies, and frameworks useful in creating a great business plan.

- Presenting to prospective investors, lenders, or other financial backers of the proposed business or nonprofit organization.

I have checked out this site and they have great resources for individuals wanting to start their own business or those who have already started their own business venture. Their resources include items like business plans, legal information, magazines geared towards small business, tips, SBA information, small business organizations geared towards veterans and women, etc. Great great tools here.

This is another great resource for our National Guard and Reserve service members and families to utilize. I have met a lot of military families who run their own businesses and they are struggling right now with the economic whirlwind we are experiencing. I've no doubt this great course will be able to help them. It would be 8 weeks greatly invested. Cost is $75.00 and you don't have to have previous college credits. And if you don't have your own business, that's perfectly o.k. too! Sounds like a Win Win to me.

Know a service member or family member of a service member who has their own small business, pass this information on to them. Thanks and have a blessed day!

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