Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Marzetti Free Cookbook Downloads

Who needs to go out and buy cookbooks anymore when there are so many great ones on the web you can download for free. Received an e-mail tonight about some great recipe books Marzetti is offering for download absolutely FREE!!! Ya'll know that is my favorite word.

You have probably seen me write before that cooking skills are not on my resume for a reason. I love finding new recipes because child if my husband had to depend on my cooking skills alone, he would certainly starve.

Right now they are offering the following and some of them are based specifically on their own products:

Employees' Favorite Recipes (Downloaded this one and I'm trying a few of these recipes)

Simply Dressed Recipe Collection

Otria Yogurt Recipe Dip Cookbook

Caramel Dip Recipes (my husband's favorite)

Frozen Egg Noddle Recipes

Produce Dressing Recipe Collection

New York Recipe Collection

Slaw Recipe Collection

Girard's Premium Dressing Recipe Book

Teresa's Select Recipes

Here's the thing. There are great recipes in each of the downloads. What I do to save space on my computer is download a cookbook, look at the recipes and print out the ones I am interested in. Once I have printed what I want then I delete the document from my computer. Save space and I got what I wanted.

As I said before, why go out and purchase cookbooks when you can find great ideas on the web! Take advantage of them and keep your money in your wallet!!!

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