Wednesday, December 14, 2011

FREE Wal-Mart Gift Sets Update

The Other day I posted to you about the Gift Sets you could get from Wal-Mart and that there is a bonus of a FREE Magazine Subscription or a Refund making your purchase FREE!!!

I am happy to say that I received mine in the mail today (pretty fast shipping don't you think?) and it is totally legitimate. When you get your package you will have to open it and get the little booklet out which is under the Puff. You will be happy to know the little booklet includes coupons. Now they might be different for each package. I'm not sure. I ordered the Luscious Indulgence Olay package. The coupons in my booklet are:

$2/1 Venus Razor or Disposable

$1/1 Olay Bar, Body Wash, Body Lotion or Hand Lotion

$1/1 Clairol Hair color

$2/1 Olay ProX Regenerist or Total Effects Moisturizers

$1/2 Secret Scent Expressions

All of these coupons expire 12/31/2012 so hang on to them and use them to you advantage. With the fact that the coupons are geared towards the products in the package it's safe to say all of the packages are the same way.

Now for the the booklet is a little page that has a code on it. Very important that you don't lose this when you are tearing out your coupons because you need it for your refund. There is also a website link listed on the same little page. Go to the website and print out the form. You don't need to do anything else online. Just print the form. The form is three pages long and the part you are interested in is the very last page. So, if you can do so on your printer, print page 3 of 3 and save yourself some paper. You need to fill out the bottom part of the form on page 3. You need your receipt, the coupon in the little booklet and the form. It's that simple. Now I expect that you will only get back what you paid. In my case, I paid $9.54 and that's what I expect to receive in return.

This is a great deal!!! Limit one per household, but if you have nieces or nephews that you think would like these products, order them and have your siblings send in the refunds for you. You'll get your money back and have a great product pack to give for Christmas next year for FREE!!!

Note, it says on the form you have to send in the form within 30 days of making the purchase. I will be sending mine in tomorrow and I will update you on how long it took to get the refund! Great deal!!!

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