Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Oscar Meyer Original + Sav A Lot = Pretty Good Deal

I noticed this week that Sav A Lot has the 10 count package of Oscar Mayer  Original Hot Dogs on sale for $.99.  This deal runs through the 13th.  Now I know that summer is almost over but think of all of those nights of chili dogs that are coming up this fall and winter.  A quick and easy dinner that can be made relatively inexpensively with hot dogs at this price.

Keep in mind that Sav-A-Lot doesn't take coupons but this is a very good price even without the coupons.  I plan on buying about 15 packages as they freeze very well and should last us the entire fall/winter season.  I can see nights of just regular hot dogs, chili dogs, corn dogs and macaroni and hot dog casserole.  4 simple and pleasing dinners for very low costs.  We'll talk more about those menus later....

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