Friday, October 29, 2010

Opinion Outpost

You hear me talk about doing surveys online. Yes I do them. Opinion Outpost I have to say is my fav. I generally get at least 2 invites from them a day. Now I don't always qualify for them and that's o.k. I do them when I get the chance and if I have to go a couple of days without doing them due to time restrictions, I generally miss out on more than I get. However, to date I have earned $134.00 doing surveys for them and that is on a very limited basis. If I had the time to sit down everyday and do them as soon as they hit my e-mail, I'm positive that number would be much higher.

With that being said, that $134.00 (still have $16 in the account) I have purchased Sweet N Low (1,500 count), Beggin Strips (3 boxes of 10 packs each) and Tissue Paper (3 boxes of 12 4-packs each). If I had gone to the store and purchased those items, they would have cost me quite a bit more than the $134. Here's the thing. The $134.00 never came into my checking account and never went back out of it. I didn't pay tax on it either. When I started to run low like the doggie treats, I transferred the amount of money I needed from Opinion Oupost into an Amazon Gift Certificate then I purchased the item from Amazon. So basically for a little bit of time a night (20-30 minutes) I get free product. I had two invites last evening. One I didn't qualify for because of where I live (Kentucky) and the other I qualified for and it paid me $2 and took 23 minutes.

I don't do these to earn money for my checking account. I do these to keep money from coming out of my checking account. They are easy to do and I sit and do the survey on my lap top while watching t.v. It's that easy. If you are on a fixed income, then this is a simple way to earn a little bit of extra cash. Like I said, you aren't going to make millions here and we know that isn't why I do it.

If you are interested in setting up an account with Opinion Outpost, please go here to set up your account.

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