Monday, March 1, 2010

Walgreens Coupons

Walgreens has several great ways to get coupons. There is the March coupon pamphlet that just came out. These are usually located at the front of the store in the same stand as the weekly Walgreens circular.

There is the Diabetes and you magazine. I always find these by the Pharmacy. Normally they run for seasons (Winter, Summer, Spring, Fall). If you don't see it at the Pharmacy, ask for it. They have them under the counter as well. They have a tendency to keep them under the counter at the locations I shop because people will come in and take 10 of them at a time (shame for not sharing)

Walgreens also has coupons you can print on line. Go here to see what they are showing right now. Several great ones including $4 off Sudafed. Note that these coupon are through You might not see all of these coupons showing in your regular link but you can get them even if they are not listed in your zip code area right now.

And finally, you can go here and get what's called Extra Coupons. These are Walgreens coupons. They are located online and you can print them out on your computer. I strongly suggest you check this section each month. There are always great coupons showing and can make for some really cheap products at Walgreens. I've even gotten several free items with these coupons.

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