Monday, February 22, 2010

Get Cash Back on Medical/Health Products You Buy!

I received an e-mail today about The Caregivers Marketplace. I had never heard of it before and you know how I am about sharing with you without knowing what it's about. Sooooo, of course I made a call and this is an incredible thing that I just have to share with you.
Note: I have no affiliate association with this site, but it is just a great deal that I have to pass along.

The Caregivers Marketplace is a site to join and get cash back for medical/health type products that you purchase. Apparently this site/group/organization started some time before 2005. It's literally a site where you can register, save your receipts for products and turn them in for cash back. It was originally started to help caregivers offset the cost of products not covered by Medicare/Medicaid. However, since the organization's progression, it no longer just applies to caregivers. Anyone can submit their receipts for the cash back.

Right now they have these products listed as participating products:

Cottonelle Fresh
Gold Bond
Icy Hot

You go onto the site and register and you get a savings number (via e-mail). There is a form to print from the site and then you simply print out the form and submit your receipts. You have to submit five receipts. The only catch that I can see is that you have to purchase the products from participating facilites. And guess who a major partcipant is......K-Mart. Everyone has a K-Mart near them.

So say you need to purchase Cortizone-10. Log onto the site, click on Eligible Products. You will get a new screen and then you will click on Brand scroll down the drop down box and highlight Cortizone-10. This will bring up a new screen that shows all of the Cortizone-10 products eligible. It gives you the size, the UPC code, the package details and how much cash you would get back. For example Cortizone-10 Intensive Healing Cream in a single 2 oz package with UPC code 041167003534 will get you $1 cash back. At the top of the screen is a button labeled Where To Buy. Click on that it and input your zip code and it tells you every participating store in your local area. Now as I said, K-Mart is a big participater of this organization.

This organization is totally free to you the consumer. Where do they get the money to pay you? From the manufacturers of the product. How simple and easy is that? Maybe you don't use many of these products but a couple here and there. Doesn't matter. Purchase at a particpating store, save your receipts and submit them. You can still use coupons with these products and submit them for redemption. It's almost like getting 2 coupons for the price of one. You save at the store and then you submit for your cash back. There is no time limit, but you must submit a minimum of 5 receipts. No exceptions. If you only purchase one or two of the items on the list, purchase them one at a time in a single trip so that you get individual receipts. That way you won't have to wait so long to accumulate the receipts to submit.

This is a no brainer so even if you don't use any of these products, I bet you know someone who does. Share the information with them. You'll be helping someone save some cash.

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