Friday, February 12, 2010

Atkins Free Starter Kit

O.K.  I was watching an article on the news last night (local) and saw how there is a group in a county (Campbell County Kentucky) close to here that has started a weight loss thing on Facebook.  Basically, they log in every day and say how they are doing on losing weight, etc. 

Well, I have to confess that I have let myself and my butt figure go.  Time to make a change.

Now I am a huge fan of Atkins and I will tell you why.  When I was a kid growing up, we basically ate the same way the Atkins diet states to eat.  My dad was not big on having junk food in the house.  We didn't keep candy around.  Rolls were for special dinners, etc.  Dad was a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  We ate a meat, a salad and a veggie at every meal. Things like spaghetti and lasagna were served on occasion.  He wasn't a casserole type of person at all.  Think we were deprived.....not at all.  We were in the best shape of our lives.  It wasn't until I got out into the world on my own and found out that McDonalds has awesome french fries that I started having a problem and trust me when I say to you that carbs are not my friend.

When you get on the scale and it says "Are you kidding me", you know you are in trouble.  Time to make a change.  So, today I decided it was time to go back to eating the Atkins way.  Imagine my excitement when I searched the Atkins site and saw they are running a little special right now.  If you join their site, they will send you a little welcome package (if you will) that contains the Atkins Quick Start Guide, the Atkins Carb Counter and 3 Atkins bars.  Pretty nice little deal.  You can go here to join.

Now the tough I going to be accountable to all of you followers......sure!  Just do me a favor while I take a deep breath and type the number in.......send me  some encouragment every so often because I have some serious weight to drop.

O.K  The starting weight this a.m. was 170.1  I know.  It's ugly, but we am to change that quickly.   I will weigh in each morning and post the weight total here.  I figure if I have hundreds of you checking up on me every day, maybe we can start a blogger movemen to get ourselves back into shape.  We have trained ourselves to use coupons.....losing some pounds should be no big thing right...and so we begin.

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