Sunday, January 24, 2010

Somethng's Up With The Survey Sites

O.K. Readers....we need to talk surveys here for a minute. I'm not sure what is going on here, but I received 103 invites for surveys this week. That's the most I have ever received in 5 days mind you. I have no idea how much in total I even earned this week but of the 103 that I have done so far, I qualified for about 80% of them.

Now is the perfect time for people to join survey sites and start earning money for Christmas. I have done pretty well in the past doing surveys half-heartedly but if you have the time to do them (I don't), then you can easily make $500 between now and Christmas time to pay for your Christmas. You can also earn gift cards and boy did I rake in the points on one of the sites for that this weekend.

Opinion Outpost - I love this site. I have been doing surveys through them off and on for the past year. I currently still have 8 surveys left in my box to do and not one of them is worth less than $3. They recently implemented a new pay program of being paid via Amazon Gift Certificates which I absolutely love. I have purchased several things (grocery items and household items) with the money I made from Opinion Outpost, through Amazon. Money that never comes out of my pocket. Straight from one place to another.

Mindfield Online - This is another great cash paying survey site. I made $11 with them today. Now word of advice on this one. There are several profilers that you should definitely take the time to complete. The more profilers you have filled out the more survey opportunities you get.

Send Earnings - This is a cash paying site, however this one takes a while to build up. This is a site that I joined the beginning of last year. Here's the deal with can earn money two ways. Click e-mails or by doing surveys. The click e-mails pay $.02 an email. Not very much. However, if you combine them with the surveys at $.50 each you can easily do pretty well at this site. I usually get 3-4 click e-mails a day which is $.06 to $.08 a day on that. If you did just one survey a day plus had 3 click e-mails a day you would make $204.40 in one year. Not bad for one survey and clicks a day.

Inbox Dollars - This is the sister site to Send Earnings. It has the same click e-mails and survey opportunities as Send Earnings. Therefore you have the same potential to earn $204.40 in one year as you could at Send Earnings.

Lightspeed Panel - This is a points/cash site that I belong to. You earn points for surveys (75 to 300 points). Those points can then be converted to cash. You need 2,300 points for a $20 PayPal payment. I like doing these surveys because I transfer the money to my PayPal account and that's the money I use to purchase coupons. Again, no money coming out of my pocket. I have transferred $80 to my PayPal account so far.

Survey Savvy - This is another great cash survey site that I belong to. The surveys are easy, fun and usually worth $1 - $5. I have had great fun doing these surveys as they move fast and are pretty interesting. You can request payment for $1.

You Data - This is another interesting site for cash. You are paid to view company's websites. You can earn anywhere from $.10 to $.20 for clicking on their site. The great thing about this site is that they pay through Pay Pal and you get paid weekly. If you received 3 site view invites for $.20 each and you clicked on all three then You Data will pay you $.60 the next week. No waiting for your cash. Now I know you are thinking that isn't much money, but remember I use my Pay Pal account to pay for coupons so doing these every week adds up for me.

Myview - This is another great site that I joined and I am thrilled this year that I did. They were a cash site, but have recently changed to a points site. You can redeem your points for Visa Cards. You need 35,000 points to get a $25 Visa card. An example of the survey payouts is this. I currently have a survey opportunity open. If I answer the initial qualifier and don't qualify, then I get 125 points. If I do qualify and then complete the survey I will get the initial 125 points plus another 1,050. Not too shabby. They always have tons of surveys. I hadn't done any surveys for them in a while and I started doing them again Thursday. I had 11,000 when I started on Thursday. Right now I have 34,425 points so if I complete the one they just sent me, I will have enough to get the $25 Visa card. You can earn points very quickly with this one and it is fast becoming one of my favorites.

There you have the list of the major survey sites that I am a member of. I do very well with them and now is the perfect time for you to join and start making cash for Christmas!

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  1. Question, how does this work with income tax and such? How do manage the money aspect from surveys? Taxes and all that jazz. I'm totally new at this but have seen and heard about making money doing this but have always been very skeptical, and not at all excited about the "self employment" tax.

    I am a SAHM who has desperately been looking for a way to make just a little extra cash and would really like to know how this works.


    Nicole Wood

  2. Nicole:

    Very good question. With surveys, it's sort of like being a waitress/waiter. The sites depend on you to report your earnings unless you make over $600 with them and then you will receive a 1099. Hope this helps!


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