Monday, January 4, 2010

Laundry Coupons - Awesome

Man o man am I loving my inbox tonight. Want some Downy, Dryel (the best at home dry cleaning product out there!), Febreeze, Bounce, Tide, Dreft coupons....then go here.

Here's what I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE about this site and these coupons. You have an option. If your store accepts printable coupons, then by all means click on the "e-mail my coupons" tabs. However, if your store doesn't accept printables (think of Dollar Store, etc.), you can have these sweeties mailed to you. You don't see that offer on other sites which makes this site one of my favorites.

I prefer to have these mailed to me so that they can be used at Family Dollar, Dollar General, etc. These stores in my area have gotten away from taking printables due to fraud. Walk in with these babies and you are in business! Click on whichever tab works for you.
Special note: if you click on the e-mail my coupons, after you register you will be able to print your coupons. (Click here to download coupons which is in very little print - look under the big blue letters). The best part of that deal is it is a pdf so you can print more than one copy. Wooo Hooo!!! And beings I am in such a giving mood this's that link. And....I'll go you one better than that beings I just love you guys so much. After you print the pdf coupons, hit your back button to get back to the page that has the options (e-mail or mail) and click on the mail button, complete the form and you will get a set in the mail as well.

Gotta love me!

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