Wednesday, January 6, 2010

The Ego Expert

As I mentioned in my previous post (below) we all need some inspiration in these trying times. I see things daily that just break my heart. People losing their jobs, homes, no food on their table. It's sad, very very sad. I just want to stretch out my arms and gather them all up like a mother Goose and take them home with me. However I know it's not possible for me help every single person out there. But I don't give up the faith......

One of the sites I ran across and is one of those sites that I believe all of you should make it a point to stop by daily is The Ego Expert. Interesting name....makes you wonder just what in world they blog about right?

Catchy name for a serious subject. Ego....Empowering God's Originals....

Sonja puts up a great thought or two each day and I have found them to be freshing and very thought provoking.

I always like to share great sites when I find them and The Ego Expert is a definite poitive find. Stop on over and tell Sonja I said hi.

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