Saturday, January 23, 2010

Coupon Changes

If you have been watching the coupons like I have, (I'm sure you are doing this), you have noticed that manufacturers are making it more and more challenging for the consumers (better known as coupon fanatics) to get great deals using their coupons. For instance we are always estatic when we see $.50/1 or $1/1 coupons, but now you see more and more $1 off 4 and $25 off 2, etc. While these coupons are still great, they present a stronger challenge to us frugal minded fanatic.

These are the times that you definitely need to pay attention to grocers and drug stores that offer coupons as well. These type coupons are best paired with Meijer Mealbox coupons and CVS, Walgreens, etc. type coupons. If you get a $1/4 coupon for say Lean Cuisine, don't just run out willy nilly to your favorite grocery store and purchase the 4 and use the coupon. Take your time to read blogs (mine and others ;>) to see if you can find a place to match that coupon with a drug store coupon or other retailer (Target,K-Mart, etc.) to get a better deal.

The economic indicators have stated (yes I read them) that this year s going to be a really tough financial year in the grocery market. Well, we all have to eat so what better way for the manufacturers to make their money back than to raise the price of groceries and lower the coupon values

When I go to the grocery store on the weekend, it's like a social event for me. I always meet people who come up and ask me about couponing and I give away coupons for items I don't ue that I see people purchasing. I like to keep receipts in my wallet from the previous week s when people ask if it really works, I can pull out the receipt and show them how much I purchased versus how much I saved. It's a great way to meet people as well.

O.K. I'm babbling now....but you get the point. Things are getting tougher so we have to pay more attention.

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